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Equine Assisted Group

Join a group session or bring your own group to experience the joy of connection with yourself, your fellow humans and the horses.


Equine Assisted 1 to 1

Individual sessions are a powerful way to empowerment, hope, connection and ultimately freedom from the emotions which are no longer serving you.


Room Based

We understand that not everyone is going to feel comfortable around the horses so we also offer room-based solutions to help you achieve your full potential.


Team Building

Here at Humanship UK we love nothing more than to help organisational teams find a bond and level of communication which supports everyone involved.


Equine Assisted 1 to 1 Sessions

Individual sessions are a powerful way to empowerment, hope, connection and ultimately freedom from the emotions which are no longer serving you.

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Equine Assisted 1 to 1 Sessions

Individual sessions are a powerful way to empowerment, hope, connection and ultimately freedom from the emotions which are no longer serving you.

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Our Process

Booking a session or completing a program with us could not be easier.

Step 1

Fill in the contact form or give us a call.

Step 2

Have a chat with Zoe about how we can help.

Step 3

Come and have a lovely time with one or more of our beautiful horses.

Step 4

Feel empowered, deeply connected to yourself and others, have a renewed sense of hope and freedom.


From the moment I met Zoe she made me feel very much at ease. I was very skeptical about what to expect but soon relaxed and took on board the advice she was giving me.
After 2 sessions I felt so much better equipped to deal with my problem, which in fact was merely overthinking health issues.
Thank you so much Zoe for helping me to achieve the positive position I am in now. I won’t hesitate to contact you again should the need arise.

Zoe is an incredibly gifted and highly qualified therapist. She has managed, using a variety of techniques, to dig me out of a very dark hole I’ve found myself in for many years.
She has worked with me to challenge some of my hugely debilitating beliefs and given me the confidence to finally look myself in the eye with confidence and like what I see.
I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

I went to see Zoe when I was recovering from cancer, I was struggling to find ‘myself’, all my confidence and motivation was shot to pieces. She helped me to help myself by understanding my own triggers and finding ways to manage them.
Zoe doesn’t look for the quick fix but guides you towards solutions that work for you and are sustainable in your everyday life. She really is amazing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her services again or recommend her.

I have had a number of coaching sessions with Zoe that have focused on my future career strategy. As a coach, Zoe really challenges you to explore your self-limiting beliefs and reconsider your perceptions about yourself. Through working with her, I made some discoveries about my thought processes that hadn’t occurred to me before. I also realised that I wasn’t backing myself even though I had every reason to back myself. Zoe has helped me to look at myself through a fresh pair of eyes, which has really increased my self-confidence. She has also helped me to find some clarity about how I want to move forward. Zoe asks careful, considered questions and her after-session notes were an excellent summary of our discussions. I felt that she was really listening to me and focused on what I was saying. I would really recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their ‘inner awesomeness’!


Today I had my first equine-facilitated session. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I finished, i had a lot to think about, felt more connected to myself and almost more one with myself. A lot of self healing happened in the session, I felt so connected to Tinker, he and Zoe taught me so much, they we’re definitely a partnership, a team that helped me work through and find out what the issues I wanted to work on. It definitely helped me get out of my head, be more in the moment, and an added bonus Tinker is so cute. It helped me be more strong and confident and take charge of the moment to fully live and appreciate life. I am absolutely going again. It is definitely worth it, go with an open mind and see where it takes you.

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February 6, 2024

Love in Everyday Life: Embracing Positivity and Connection

Introduction Love is a powerful and versatile emotion extending beyond romantic relationships. It is a force found in everyday life, enriching our existence and shaping our interactions with the world. Here we will explore the many facets of love as it manifests in different forms daily, through the lens of positive psychology. Self-Love The foundation Love in Everyday Life: Embracing Positivity and Connection

December 14, 2023

My Journey with Humanship UK: A Year of Horses, Healing, and Hope

From Registration to Launch – What a Year It’s Been!” A Year of Learning Back in April 2023, something magical happened. Humanship UK officially came to life as a not-for-profit organization. Little did I know that the year ahead would be an incredible rollercoaster ride filled with lessons, growth, and heartwarming moments. From day one, My Journey with Humanship UK: A Year of Horses, Healing, and Hope

September 1, 2023

Discovering the Magic of Equine Connection

Introduction We live in a world often defined by deadlines and digital screens, but the truth is nature has an unparalleled ability to heal and inspire. At Humanship UK, we’ve discovered that the transformative magic of Equine Facilitated Learning extends beyond the experience itself, through connection, healing, and self-discovery that transcends the boundaries of conventional Discovering the Magic of Equine Connection


What is Equine Facilitated Learning and Development (EFLD)?

EFLD is an experiential learning approach that involves interacting with horses to gain insights into personal growth and development. It utilises the horse’s natural behaviours to facilitate self-awareness and learning.

How does Equine Facilitated Learning work?

EFLD sessions involve structured activities with horses that require participants to engage in nonverbal communication, problem-solving, and emotional regulation. Horses respond to participants’ behaviours and emotions, providing immediate feedback and opportunities for reflection.

Why are horses important in this work?

Horses are highly sensitive and perceptive animals. Their nonjudgmental nature, ability to reflect human emotions, and immediate responses make them effective partners in helping individuals understand their emotions, behaviours, and communication styles.

How long does an average Equine Facilitated Learning session last?

Session durations can vary, but they often last between 1 to 2 hours. The length depends on the goals of the session, the activities involved, and the needs of the participants.

What are the benefits of Equine Facilitated Learning and Development?

• Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
• Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills.
• Increased confidence and self-esteem.
• Better stress and anxiety management.
• Opportunities for teamwork and leadership development.

Who can benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning?

EFLD can benefit individuals of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and even groups such as corporate teams or therapy groups. It’s particularly effective for individuals seeking personal growth, emotional regulation, or enhanced communication skills.

Do participants need prior horse experience?

No prior horse experience is required. EFLD is designed for people with all levels of familiarity with horses, from complete beginners to experienced riders. EFLD does not involve riding, all sessions are conducted with both feet firmly on the ground.

Are EFLD sessions therapeutic?

While EFLD is not therapy in the traditional sense, it can be therapeutic in nature. The experiences with horses can lead to personal insights, emotional catharsis, and positive psychological changes.

Is Equine Facilitated Learning safe?

Yes, EFLD is generally safe when conducted by trained and experienced facilitators. Safety measures are in place to ensure participants and horses are both protected during activities and facilitators are fully insured for these activities.

Can Equine Facilitated Learning be combined with other forms of therapy or personal development?

Yes, EFLD can complement various therapeutic and personal development approaches. It’s often integrated with therapies such as psychotherapy, life coaching, and mindfulness practices to enhance the overall outcomes for participants.